Construction Time Clock Tracking: Reduce Double Entry and Improve Accuracy

Companies see a significant return on investment (ROI) when time tracking systems are deployed and staff trained to use them. Not all time tracking systems are the same. How can you be sure that your investment is worth the cost? Is it really saving you time? 

Let’s explore two big factors in the digital time clock world…double entry and accuracy.

Time Clock Accuracy

Accuracy should be an inherent feature when you think of digital time clock tracking. You wouldn’t want a worker showing up at 8 am but clocking in at 7 am, right?  The way your time data is collected could be decreasing your overall accuracy. This can affect major aspects of your business like job costing, and payroll…which costs you money.

Growing research is showing that the frequency of time clock data collection directly affects overall accuracy. Time data collected once or multiple times a day, for example from job-site to job-site, increases your data accuracy. This is in opposition to collecting your time data once a week. Data collection performed weekly decreases your data accuracy.

The time at which data is recorded, and how it is recorded, directly affects its accuracy.

This leads to additional follow-up time with employees regarding time punches, delays in payroll, and missed job costing opportunities because data wasn’t properly recorded from the beginning.

Time Clock Double Entry

Companies still find themselves entering the same data over and over again, even with digital time clock apps.

Digital functionality is about bringing your company together to share information and save time. Any application you bring into your business should only require you to enter a new quote, estimate, job, or contract one time. This new entry should then be accessible to your entire organization. 

Field crews should be able to choose from all active projects when tracking their time. Office staff shouldn’t have to worry about entering a new project into multiple software applications. Your data should flow seamlessly everywhere. 

Double-entry takes time away from more important tasks and increases the risk of inaccuracy throughout your business.  Make sure your time clock app is connected to your ERP software so you eliminate double data entry and save labor time.


Investing in digital time clock tracking for your business can bring amazing benefits. You just need to make sure you are getting the features that will benefit you the most. Your software should allow you to track data in real-time to reduce inaccuracies, and only require you to enter data one time to reduce double entry. 

Make sure you are seeing the improvements everyone else is experiencing. Evaluate your internal practices today to begin saving time and money.

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