Managing Construction Equipment and Vehicles

Subcontractors know that working on a job-site can be chaotic. There are a number of literal, and figurative, moving parts that need to be accounted for. So, how do you know that the tools you supplied made it back to the shop? How do you know the mileage of your fleet to better prevent breakdowns? Who used equipment last? Where’s the receipt for the fuel?

Managing Your Fleet

If you’re unable to afford your own in-house maintenance team, or the expensive internal fleet tracking systems that tell you when repairs are needed. TRUE is here. Taking the time to invest in your vehicle and equipment management could be the key to saving your company thousands of dollars that would otherwise be wasted on lost or stolen tools, and additional maintenance fees due to a lack of visibility. TRUE recently did an interview with one of our clients regarding their experience with TRUE’s fleet management and material tracking tools. Here are some of the things they had to say:

“As a small subcontractor dependent upon our 30+ pieces of equipment to operate, we aren’t large enough to have an in-house mechanic. That is where TRUE’s integrated equipment/tools module saves the day repeatedly. We have an assortment of vans driven to the job-site by crew members, pickups, 26ft box trucks, and four trailers. All of which are essential to keep maintained to be job-ready.”

“As an example, a superintendent in an F150 made a note about tires needing replacement soon. Since we had logged the invoice for another similar truck’s tires recently, I was able to call the tire company and order a set for the next time the superintendent could get by, moving the downtime to keep him on our jobs faster. Because of the system (TRUE), I can easily see his tires had over 50,000 miles to verify the need. In other words, we can anticipate the coordination necessary to handle the logistics easier.”

Tracking Your Equipment 

TRUE gives you the chance to create a visible digital trail of your assets for all essential personnel to access and maintain. Assign employees, print labels with unique identification tags, and log rentals on a per-project basis so you know where your equipment was last seen to increase your chances of recovery and accountability. 

“The other parts of the system (TRUE) are also very essential such as requiring each piece of equipment to be assigned to an employee, shop, or job-site. Annual registration records, inspection reports and pertinent notes about each vehicle are “stored” in an efficient and easy to use way.”

Give your team the tools they need to perform at their best. Vehicle, equipment, and tool management allows you to focus on the job at hand, with little to no downtime, and save you money.

“…the inevitable wear and tear will occur, we have definitely saved money, thousands of dollars, by tracking maintenance.”

To learn more about the Vehicle and Equipment Management features TRUE has to offer, contact us to schedule a one-on-one demonstration.

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