Stay Connected While on Vacation

Time Off Stress

Holidays and vacations can be a wonderful time full of friends, family, gifts and giving. Spending time off from work allows for annual vacations, ski trips, and other fun events away from the office. For business owners and managers, however, out-of-office trips present a number of problems as you attempt to maintain your momentum from the previous months and prevent against a slowdown of sales and operations going into the new year. 

Visibility While Out of Office

For most, staying on top of what’s going on with the day-to-day operations of a business requires physically being at the office. This means having access to whiteboard schedules, communications through office desk phones, and sometimes just being able to see firsthand what your team is doing. For others, technology has allowed more and more remote work through cell phones and shared online calendars. 

Manage Productivity from Anywhere

Still, there remains the need to be connected to your team and company’s information. Order information, job details, progress reports, production schedules, and daily profit & loss. Accessing this is normally not a problem when working from the office. What about that week during your vacation when you are obligated to travel out-of-state to visit the in-laws? Using traditional on-premise software applications (typically installed on your computer) makes accessing this important data while you are away difficult at best. 

Web-Based Applications

Fortunately, more and more software applications are moving from being installed on your work computer to web-based; in other words, an application that is accessed via an internet web browser. No longer are you tied to your office desktop PC or laptop. Instead, you can now see your company’s data using any computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection.

Now, this may seem like a no brainer. Perhaps you have been ‘logging out’ from the office and ‘logging back in’ from your home office for years now. You already know the benefits of using a web-based software solution. What if, however, you are pulled away from the home office and being ‘forced’ to ‘enjoy’ several days at a beach house with family? The beach house with less than ideal working conditions. The beach house with no WiFi! 

Of course you could always bring a portable WiFi hotspot but then you are lugging around a laptop, charging cable, portable hotspot, cable for the portable hotspot, and perhaps a desk for your lap. Doesn’t it sound much more convenient to use a mobile device such as a tablet to check in with active jobs, to view statuses of bids, to make adjustments to the schedule, to generate and send some last second POs, check on any new change orders, or to view the status of all those invoices that were sent out last week?

Mobile Apps For A Mobile Work Environment 

Many software programs today are becoming more and more ‘mobile friendly’ with apps that can be accessed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The problem here is that these mobile apps tend to be very limited in their abilities, often due to the limitations of specific screen sizes. This is not the case with TRUE Contractor. TRUE is designed so the entire program is mobile friendly and can be used on any tablet. This means that anything you would normally do from the office on your desktop PC you can now do from anywhere, on any device. This is especially important during a vacation or the holidays when so many employees (and managers alike) are deservedly taking time off from work and are away from the office. 

Don’t let vacations be a stressful time – at least not because of work. Stay connected wherever you are with TRUE Contractor. Learn more today by visiting