A Small Step to Automation: Digital Time Clock Kiosk

Take the first step to automating your business with TRUE by implementing a digital time clock kiosk. A central station for your employees to clock in and out. Set up a tablet in your shop, or give one to your field foreman to use with their crew. Automation doesn’t have to mean company devices for the whole staff. Save money and begin improving your weekly time clock tracking data today.


TRUE offers an on-the-go Time Clock Kiosk that can be placed wherever your employees need to be. Installation is as easy as typing your login information….if you remember the password that is. Each employee is equipped with a unique pin code that only they know. TRUE recognizes each code and assigns it to the correct employee in your company as they punch in.


Gone are the days of paper timesheets, but don’t let that scare you away. Digital doesn’t have to mean hard to understand, even for your most technologically challenged employees. TRUE was built for every user. The TRUE Time Clock Kiosk is no different. As your employees use the kiosk they will be guided by TRUE through each step.

Let TRUE be your trainer, administrator, and quality assurance. 

Stopping work on one job to begin work on another? Got it covered. Traveling to another jobsite? Easy. Taking a lunch break? You better, because TRUE has that too.


No more paper also means no more waiting… no more waiting for timesheets to be returned. No more waiting for confirmation from your employee that they clocked-in that day. No more waiting for your job costing. No more. 

The data that is collected from the TRUE Time Clock Kiosk feeds into your main TRUE application. Your main TRUE application relates each punch to the correct project, in real-time. You can now know the exact moment your employee clocks in to work, the project they are working on, and how much time they spent on the job. 

Take the first step towards automating your business… it’s easier than you think.

About TRUE

TRUE is the provider of construction management and accounting solutions for self-performing subcontractors in the construction industry. TRUE’s platform serves to connect field and office with the most advanced web-based and mobile-friendly cloud technology on the market today. Trusted to deliver world-class support and ease of use, TRUE offers companies the ability to run their businesses from end-to-end within a single solution. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, TRUE is equipped to assist in managing construction projects, finances, and people across the nation.

TRUE(ly) all in one solution.

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