Benefits to a Fully Stocked TRUE Fence App Catalog

Understanding the Catalog

The Catalog within the TRUE Fence App is essentially a virtual list of all of your products and services. TRUE Fence uses this list to not only understand pricing, but to also calculate all of the intricate and detailed material breakdowns that are generally left to front office staff to calculate. Rather than sift through spreadsheets of pricing, or memorizing numbers that always seem to change – the Catalog gives you the ability to put all this information into one location and modify it as you see fit. 

The ability to search for products, common or rare and automatically apply that pricing real time to a drawing from any location. The ability to easily find and adjust pricing on the fly for every product without having to spread your available time thin by updating your sales staff or searching for, modifying, and reuploading a seemingly endless pool of Excel spreadsheets. The ability to minimize the time and strain wasted on multiple trips to a jobsite due to incorrect materials, or missing documentation. All of these common time-wasting processes can be mitigated through the TRUE Fence App’s Catalog. Combined with the ability to access this application on a tablet anywhere with a cellular connection, you have a powerful, all-inclusive estimating solution that covers anything that a fencing opportunity might throw your way.

Setting up the Catalog

You’ve clicked through the Catalog. You’ve heard (or seen firsthand) that it is difficult to set up. You don’t see the merit, or more importantly, the value in allocating time and resources to setting this up. You have thousands of products, and those products have complex combinations that are all necessary for building all of your different styles of fence and providing an estimate. Do you build your wood fence sections on site? Of course, so you need a count of every picket, nail/screw, rail, and post applied to every single wood fence. Do you need to generate the correct amount hardware for every quote using dozens of different gate types and inventory items? We will ensure that those products are not only created, but that the correct components are generated each and every time those products are selected.

In your experience, pen, paper, and good ol’ brain power can’t be beaten and there has been nothing in the fencing industry to come close to combining all these various estimating elements with a practical virtual library of fencing data. You may have been right, but not so much anymore.

How Can We Make This Happen?

There are two options for setting up the Catalog. For a one time setup fee, we can take ANY type of material pricing documentation that you have. Our fence experts will then spend the time meticulously combing through the provided material and creating your Catalog to ensure it is set up correctly. Additionally, we will spend as much time with you as you need to understand everything you need to know about the work that we did, and how to maintain it. 

Not interested in paying the one time fee? We will always provide you with training and the tools to get you off the ground and using TRUE Fence successfully. If you provide us with the correct format, we may also be able import some of these products for free. While this option will require more work on your end, this is also the best option to ensure that you become a master of the Catalog and TRUE Fence. 

If you want to learn more about the Catalog, schedule a time with our support team to meet and go over your options. We want you to not only be using TRUE Fence to the max of its capabilities, we want you to be successful and to experience growth as a result.