Going Digital With Your Fence Contractor Business

Technology is commonly an afterthought in not only the construction sector, but the Fencing Industry as well. In the everchanging landscape of COVID protocols, unstable material prices, and the increased need for a more fluid software that encapsulates the many different facets of your growing business – Fence Companies now, more than ever, are looking to make the switch from the traditional pen, paper, and white board model to a more digital workspace. Enter TRUE.

Is TRUE for me?

While there are many apps out there that aim to assist your internal processes, TRUE is designed to incorporate all of those non-fence specific construction aspects of your business while also incorporating many of the fence-specific aspects (such as creating a drawing, creating material takeoffs), to free you from the restraints of pen and paper. While TRUE provides all-inclusive Project Management tools that are easy to understand and implement, when combined with the TRUE Fence App, you have an even more powerful tool to take control over your company’s fencing software needs. The fight against the mountains of documents filling up your storage closet starts with you.

I understand that TRUE is useful as a construction software, but I don’t see how fence companies can benefit.

Have your estimators ever been strapped for time? Maybe your general manager or foreman haven’t been able to keep track of the work that has been completed, what outgoing Work Tickets there are or even if a customer has been contacted. Maybe you’re running 15 installation crews and your current file system has been strained. Keeping track of all the work going in or out of your yard while also maintaining an accurate count of what material is present is becoming increasingly more difficult. Maybe you’re having a hard time keeping track of invoices and making sure you are paid what you are owed – and you have all the documentation and proof to back this up. You’re beginning to see that your employees aren’t able to perform up to your expectations, and your bottom line isn’t growing like it used to. While there are many positives to this (hooray for success!), you want to ensure that your company is set up to not only handle these issues, but to take them in stride and grow with them! 

We just do not have the time to make such a drastic change, it doesn’t seem worth it.

Let’s slow down for a moment, we know that your business’s foundation has been built off the smooth back of carbon copy contracts and ballpoint pens with your company’s logo. Are we suggesting you completely toss aside what has worked to grow your business up until now and make the jump into brand new software? Not really. While it may feel like shifting away from your comfortable sense of control isn’t possible, we help you transition to give you even more power over the decisions you make on a day-to-day basis. We do not force the entirety of our software on you, ever, and we do not expect you to understand how to use every aspect of it right away. While we encourage users to take advantage of as much of TRUE as possible, we know that this is simply not realistic. Whatever part of TRUE you want to utilize, we want to give you a reason to make the switch, and we want to provide the support to make this dream a reality.

You’re likely as busy as ever but you recognize you need help being more efficient to stay competitive. Calls are still coming in, leads are still piling up, and your next available installation date is so far out that it is now actively hurting your ability to win new jobs. 

Material is getting harder to come by, and those purchase orders are piling up, yet the material in your yard is shrinking. You want to grow, you want to expand – but you have no idea what is actually working. It’s getting difficult to get a handle on what parts of your business can be improved upon. 

What can I do?

There are always options. You might pay marketing companies to brainstorm ideas of what type of ad campaigns you need to run or changes to your website you can make to bring in more business. You might take advice from your Google Ads representative about changes that will clean up your spending for searches. Maybe you want to hire a business consultant to see what office processes can be cleaned up. What do all of these things have in common? That they are actually out of your control.

You need a way to reel in all these different metaphorical fishing lines that are currently being pulled out to sea at an alarming pace and make sense of what you really have before it gets out of your control. All of this needs to be within your reach, whether you are in the office or dealing with things in the field or from home. This is where we can help.

What’s the Benefit of a Digital Workspace?

More often than not, internal communication and being “in-the-know” is seldom seen for the average business. Why is this? It could be a failure of a particular employee, or maybe mistakes that aren’t being realized. Whatever the reason, there is almost always something actionable that can be done to improve these seemingly invisible factors. You need a system that holds everyone accountable, not because you don’t trust them, but because there is value in maintaining protocol. No more “forgetting” important steps of the process, or losing valuable information regarding the status of material, jobs, or customers. No more paper shredding, or endless internal reviews. While TRUE is by no means a magic solution to fix all your “problems”, it provides your company a starting point to take the plunge into the digital workspace and accelerate your growth in ways that you might not have even imagined were possible.

What’s kind of support can TRUE offer?

Whether you want to implement at your own pace, or you want to provide us with all the information and let us set everything up for you, we have plenty of support options to cater to your individual needs. We offer training and unlimited support for all users of TRUE and are always here to answer any questions, concerns, or even provide consultative level of assistance that is extremely difficult to come by in the rapidly changing world of construction software.

Want to learn more? Please reach out to us at any time to inquire about the different packages and schedule a one-on-one demonstration!