Getting the Most out of GPS Vehicle Tracking

Dude: Where’s My Glass Van?

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) for automated scheduling and dispatch systems is among several recent additions to TRUE Contractor software recently published in update 19.0.35. From scheduling maintenance, assigning lift equipment to jobsites, and managing recovery of ownership costs, allow TRUE Contractor to be the ultimate tool in the equipment management toolbox.

As of July 18th, TRUE Contractor now supports API integration with Geotab, the #1 ranked commercial telematics vendor worldwide. Whether you’re managing a single glass truck or a fleet of vehicles and heavy machinery utilizing TRUE’s CMMS module for preventative maintenance and asset tracking now stacks up with some of the industry’s largest fleet data processors. 

Vehicle and Equipment Assignments:

By utilizing TRUE Contractor’s Equipment module, users can now assign vehicles to jobsites, personnel, facilities, and divisions. Navigating vehicle and equipment data has never been easier; with several clicks users now can obtain Mileage/Fuel records, Preventative checks, Maintenance records.

Creating alerts for maintenance, license, and registration expiration dates, as well as track expenses to an unprecedented level of detail can significantly impact the bottom line. Creating vehicle logs viewable to team members can not only keep your vehicles on the road, but also improve collaboration across departments with everyone viewing data out of one system. How troubling is it using multiple third-party apps to simply maintain vehicles? 

With unscheduled downtime floundering as high as 25% within the subcontractor industry, managing preventative maintenance can keep vehicles on the road and heavy equipment on jobsites.

Imagine having changed the oil on your aerial lift rather than spending an average $800-$1300 when it breaks down, or worse yet, replacing inoperable machinery?

It’s no secret, buying lightly used equipment will always save money. The trick is keeping that machinery operating. A lift priced at $35k financed at 5.5% with an average labor cost of $20 per hour may only bring total operating costs in the neighborhood of $15k-$17k (including maintenance, fuel, insurance and taxes). We could stretch the life out of the asset an additional 10 years while not only save from inflated purchasing prices but take advantage of dwindling depreciation. Imagine having to purchase the same piece of equipment new at $50k, as used equipment is seldom hard to find these days, while still incurring the $15k-$17k in operating costs only because our team was failed to be notified of a timely oil change. Implementing CMMS has never been more important to evade inflation of new purchases. 

For a complete demo of TRUE’s PMCS and CMMS platform, schedule a meeting here.