Same Page, Different Locations: Construction Labor Scheduling

Without the right tools, scheduling and performing on a project can be difficult to keep in control.  Add another 30 projects at the same time and you have a real problem on your hands.  Firms typically use whiteboards that aren’t updated throughout the day, morning meetings to stay organized, and end of day phone calls to tell everyone where they should be tomorrow.  Paper tickets are printed, items to be picked up are staged, and everyone is expected to show up at the shop to learn what they’re going to do for the day.

It doesn’t have to be like this.  Imagine a different scenario:

Project managers create digital work tickets and schedule them based on real-time availability from their own computer without talking to anyone else.  A field coordinator can optionally review all schedules and check all tickets to further reduce wasted time and materials.  All schedules including contract work, service work, shop work, and deliveries are on a single, easy-to-use resource calendar available to everyone on any device.  Workers open their phone, see what they’re scheduled next on and open the ticket.  Workers pick up their items, keep track of their time, upload jobsite pictures, and submit daily reports all from their mobile phone.  Project Managers know where everyone is, what’s been installed, how long it’s taking, what’s left to get done, and can see pictures as soon as they’re taken.

Let’s take a deeper look.

Evaluate Your Scheduling Needs

We have seen a lot of companies struggle with these very questions. Over time, our team has developed the following simple questions for you and your team to answer when evaluating your schedule management plan:

  1. What tools do you have to create your schedule?
  2. Who will be in charge of creating and approving the schedule?
  3. What tools do you have to distribute your schedule?
  4. Who will be in charge of distributing the schedule?
  5. How will you manage schedule changes that occur one week, one day, and one hour before work is supposed to be performed?

If you answered any of the above with more than one solution, it’s time to rethink your procedures. 

Consolidate Your Scheduling Needs

Within TRUE, project planning, scheduling, and even milestone tracking are ready for you to begin preparing as soon as you win a project. Create a gantt chart of your contract’s prospective timeline and stages. Build schedules and assign the appropriate crew, equipment, and vehicles. Develop company-wide milestones to see how every project is performing across the board.

All of this from a single web-based application that can be shared and seen by your entire company. Save money by only investing in a single solution. More importantly, save time from verifying and coordinating multiple resources.

Begin Scheduling

Since TRUE allows you to customize access permissions, only individuals with the correct permissions can approve, edit, distribute and change your schedules.

Permissions also allow you to give employees “view assigned only” access. This way they are only able to see the projects they are assigned to.

Now, with less hands in the pot, your team can begin scheduling work for a project, schedule an estimator to perform an on-site visit from the quote, schedule in-shop production, or schedule a purchase order for delivery once notified from a vendor.

Notify Your Field Crews

Once schedules are created, TRUE will handle the notifications. TRUE’s mobile application TRUE Field allows your crew members to see their individual schedules in real time as they are created from the office.

Notifications within TRUE can be handled through email, text message, or directly through the main TRUE Dashboard. Each user can customize their alert settings based on what type of communications they prefer. 

Make Scheduling Changes

Have a last minute schedule change? Immediately notify the crew assigned to the project. With a simple click you can distribute alerts. All projects are updated in real-time so no time is lost on the job.

Gone are the days of whiteboards, paper schedule pickups, and crew text group chats!

About TRUE

TRUE is the provider of construction management and accounting solutions for self-performing subcontractors in the construction industry. TRUE’s platform serves to connect field and office with the most advanced web-based and mobile-friendly cloud technology on the market today. Trusted to deliver world-class support and ease of use, TRUE offers companies the ability to run their businesses from end-to-end within a single solution. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, TRUE is equipped to assist in managing construction projects, finances, and people across the nation.

TRUE(ly) all in one solution.

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