Commitment Without Contact: Digitally Sign Quotes and Proposals

In an ever digital world, handshake agreements and ink signed contracts are easily replaced with electronic signatures. Emailing or printing a quote, signing it, scanning it, and sending it again through email or in person are in the past.  With integrated eSign capability, impress your clients and close deals faster.

TRUE has offered eSign for years with digital forms when sending quotes. Email directly from within the app and your client sees a simple link in an email to click on. Whether they’re on a phone or desktop, the quote is available for review and sign right on the screen. Get the commitment you need with no contact, and in less time.

Electronic Forms (eForms)

The transaction begins with your quote or proposal. TRUE offers customizable electronic forms (eForms) throughout the system for you to build to mimic the paper forms you have been using for years.

Your terms and conditions, your inclusions and exclusions, your logo, now digital.

TRUE allows you to sequence eForms as you see fit and adjust what shows. Display unit price on one proposal, but not on another. Add additional PDFs like project drawings, pictures, or product specifications that have been requested by the client. You’re in control of each form you produce.

Email Automation

Now it’s time to send your form to your client. With TRUE’s digital eForms you can now save on time and postage. Once you have completed your eForm you have the option to email the form directly to your client from TRUE. Include a brief message, and configure TRUE to show your personal email signature.

But the best part is… the electronic signature (eSign) feature.

Electronic Signature (eSign)

Finalize your document with a simple checkmark to enable the TRUE eSign feature. Your client will get your custom email, the custom eForm you made especially for their project, and the option to digitally sign the form directly from their inbox. 

No scanning, no mailing, and most importantly…no contact!

TRUE will alert you when a form has been signed so you can begin taking next steps on the project immediately. Keep your business going at a record pace, without the risk. Commitment is possible without contact…you just need the right application. 

About TRUE

TRUE is the provider of construction management and accounting solutions for self-performing subcontractors in the construction industry. TRUE’s platform serves to connect field and office with the most advanced web-based and mobile-friendly cloud technology on the market today. Trusted to deliver world-class support and ease of use, TRUE offers companies the ability to run their businesses from end-to-end within a single solution. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, TRUE is equipped to assist in managing construction projects, finances, and people across the nation.

TRUE(ly) all in one solution.

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