Introducing the TRUE Fence App Designed for Fencing Contractors

What the fencing industry has seemingly lacked was a competent software that could elevate a business to new heights by not only increasing efficiency and getting rid of paper, but by giving business owners a tool to analyze all the different aspects of their companies using real time data. From the outdated and existing fence contractor software to the endless variety of generic CRM options, most software that has any connection to fencing doesn’t quite meet fencing contractor needs. 

What is TRUE Fence and why should I use it?

TRUE Fence is an application designed to aid in the Fence Estimation process. While TRUE Fence alone is a powerful tool, when combined with the rest of TRUE it becomes a resource that your business cannot function without. We have created an all-inclusive software to handle each and every part of your contracting based business. With TRUE Fence you can create a detailed and accurate material breakdown, create a clean drawing with ease, as well as generate and send proposals with the click of a button. TRUE Fence in conjunction with TRUE Contractor Software aims to bridge that gap between technology and the fencing industry while giving you full control of the process. All you need is a web browser on a computer or tablet.

Why Use TRUE Draw?

While a hand drawing of a layout can provide a rustic, personable connection to a potential client – more often than not they can be sloppy, inaccurate and are riddled with hard to interpret or worse, incorrect information. In just one brief moment and the slip of a pencil your 128’ section has accidentally morphed into a 120’ section. Next thing you know, it is the day of the installation and you find out you are short material. Who has to suffer? That’s right, your customer, your employees and your bottom line. How can you avoid this? Use our drawing application TRUE Draw which is included in the TRUE Fence package.

Material Takeoffs?

Now you need to create a material breakdown, get the material ordered, and track these processes as changes occur. Your time is valuable so this process needs to be as simple as possible. Without software, having a lot of jobs also means dealing with a lot of paperwork. With TRUE, you can import product data and create a virtual Catalog of all the products that you offer, with pricing, markups and labor included. TRUE Fence uses your catalog and the details from your drawing in the TRUE Draw app to automatically calculate and create a detailed material breakdown. In TRUE you can then generate a proposal, email it directly from TRUE, have it digitally signed, and take a down payment…all from the client’s cell phone. Additionally, we offer many more advanced features and packages some of which include processes such as inventory tracking and purchasing.

TRUE and TRUE Fence a Match Made in Fencing Heaven

A record in TRUE is your virtual folder for everything and anything related to the job. Your estimators (or salespeople) aren’t the only people that could benefit from TRUE. 

TRUE Fence Workflow

We have created a series of videos to introduce you to the workflow in TRUE with a specific focus on TRUE Fence. While TRUE applies to many construction industries, the intended workflow of these videos are from the perspective of a fencing firm dealing with residential projects. We discuss the “Jobs” workflow within TRUE.


This workflow focuses on:

  1. Recording and contacting a new lead as well as scheduling an appointment.
  2. Providing an estimate or quote with a drawing for the price of your services.
  3. Relevant job information and processes such as work tickets and scheduling.
  4. Invoicing the customer once the work has been completed. 

This is naturally integrated into TRUE to provide your company with a more easily understood process to transition into a fully digital workplace. All of which is easily accessible by your team.

We start with a Lead and enter that information into TRUE directly through the DayBack Calendar. If you like to schedule by first finding a gap in the schedule then entering information, then this is the correct way to enter a lead. Brief introduction to “Contact” vs a “Client” and the best practices within the Calendar and Leads modules. Additionally we cover how to successfully create a Quote with all the existing information previously entered.

This video contains the introduction to the Quotes module. The TRUE Fence app, including features such as the Catalog and TRUE Draw, as well as how to access it. We discuss how to generate a clean drawing using TRUE Draw and how to take that drawing and catalog information and generate a Quote/Proposal that can be directly sent to the customer from TRUE.

This video provides a brief overview of some features in the Jobs module. From scheduling a job, to creating internal tasks or work tickets, there are many features that can be utilized once the job has been won. 


About TRUE

TRUE is the provider of construction management and accounting solutions for self-performing subcontractors in the construction industry. TRUE’s platform serves to connect field and office with the most advanced web-based and mobile-friendly cloud technology on the market today. Trusted to deliver world-class support and ease of use, TRUE offers companies the ability to run their businesses end-to-end within a single solution. Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, TRUE is equipped to assist in managing construction projects, finances, and people across the nation.

TRUE(ly) all in one solution.


Have questions? You can reach out to us at any time to inquire about the different packages and schedule a one-on-one demonstration!