Onboarding, Training and Retaining Employees in an Uncertain Environment

While we remain in the midst of a pandemic, TRUE Support Team members find themselves training new employees and assisting current users in their respective solutions at an unprecedented level due to team members moving to remote work, limited office-time collaboration and overall challenges with increased demand for subcontractor services. It is at this junction where ERP systems have never played a more critical role towards operational excellence. Having team members perform their duties all in one system, pursuing a united goal of managing project budgets to enhance project performance is the name of the game. Overhaul of success or not, with the recent demand for construction projects forces leadership to ask themselves: How do we help our employees? How do we keep our key staff?

Dissection of the ‘why do employees leave’ is a mandatory exercise and our first stop for attracting new and satisfying current employees.

Survey sources include: Prudential’s Pulse of the American Worker Survey, The Frontline Leader Project, The Work Institute, Achievers Workforce Institute

Commitment to the future of employees can be the gleaming light that allows your company to separate itself from others. Opportunity for growth and advancement surely resonates with the younger and upcoming workforce generation, but many times, current employees also yearn for security. What better way than implementing software to get everyone onboard! Let’s look at Human Resource priorities in 2021:

Center for Construction and Research Training implies a 3.2% increase in wages year over year, arriving at an average hourly wage of $30.73. It is no secret the largest cost to employers is the onboarding and training of new employees. TRUE, and for that matter, any software provider, must be a component of the solution. Having a detailed training regimen containing a series of one-on-one trainings with your current and new staff is largely where TRUE Contractor Software separates itself from its competitors. 

 What TRUE Contractor Can Do:

Meet Lani Pollard, Workflow and Onboarding Specialist, and veteran staff member of five years. Lani prides herself on providing a superior level of training with an uncanny ability to instruct the newest of software users to the most sophisticated of systems experts. While training over hundreds of companies and employees during her tenure at TRUE, Lani’s passion for learning and teaching allows her pupil’s to not only be successful in their roles but provides the tutelage to improve their capabilities while simultaneously enhancing TRUE functionality. Whether it’s a detailed, bullet point response, or a one-on-one phone call, Lani epitomizes the quality control and customer service all software users should demand and receive from their vendors. 

The greatest detail of all, TRUE subscription members have unlimited access to training staff and sessions! Nothing is more frustrating than an email support system full of unqualified responses and links to FAQ articles. Allow TRUE to provide a level of support and workflow assistance unmatched in our industry.

Contact Lani or any of our Support Team members today to learn more about how implementing TRUE can build a business where your employees love to work!